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Hello, is this mic on?

I'm not immune to the extreme life changes happening to us during the pandemic. I've had extreme lows (losing my dad) and some highs, like finally earning my MBA. Calling myself "Professor Ad Man" has always been about speaking my truth, my goals into reality. I genuinely enjoy developing creatives in advertising and UX design.

I know the crickets have been chirping in this space for a while. The time wasn't wasted. I spent it rebuilding and finding my voice again.

I'm no longer a person who just likes to teach on the internet. I'm a real live "professor ad man" for reals.

I've been a mentor instructor at the UX bootcamp Thinkful for two years now.

I'm wrapping up my first semester at Columbia College in Chicago where I, had the honor of creating a creative strategy course, Advertising Seminar.

I couldn't have made this possible, if I hadn't gotten my MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

When you get to check a box off of your life list, it's energizing. I feel I have things to share and teach again.

I'm looking forward to seeing you back here again.

Did I hear a lonely cricket clapping?


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