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About 10 years ago, I started the Professor Ad Man blog to help students and grads get jobs and grow in advertising.

Over the years, the industry's changed. I've changed. For years, I worked as an agency copywriter and I transitioned to a UX writer for a major corporation. As a result, I have even more to teach and share.


Whether as an ad man or an app man, it's all about creative problem solving. That's what I do and enjoy each day. The goal here is to show you some problem-solving tools to help you grow in your careers in marketing, advertising and now UX design, too.

These are my personal opinions, of course, and I welcome all discussions.


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Job Interview Horror Stories

I've nearly "died" to get jobs – died from embarrassment. These are my true stories – job interviews that ended in blood and disaster. Story 1: Trapped In An Avalanche Years ago, I interviewed at a major non-profit. The director's office was a bit cramped, filled with papers, stacked books and boxes. He gestured for me to take a seat in front of a tightly packed shelf. The interview went well, until he asked that dreaded question: “What do you consider your weakness?” I was fresh out of college, so it was one of the first interviews where I was asked that. Giving it some thought, I tilted my back and hit the shelf behind me. Suddenly, the shelf collapsed. Books and folders tumbled on my head


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