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Changing Communities & Companies with UX

Come join me October 17, 2020 for UX Camp Fall Home Edition. I'm back to speak for another year. This year's topic: “Du” Good: How UXers Can Help Change Our Companies & Communities

As UX practitioners we pride ourselves on human-centered design, but do we really practice what we preach when statistics continually reflect a staggering lack of diversity? Even in a pandemic, studies show industry leaders predict an increased demand for UX design professionals.

You’ve protested. You’ve made public statements to do better. Now you’re probably asking, “What now?” Learn how companies can start to fulfill their promises to create a more diverse UX design workforce. Corporate volunteerism is also a way for companies to empower employees to continue the fight against systemic racism by enabling your UX staff to support community organizations in need of our digital skills. As an example, this talk will include work as a skills-based volunteer for the DuSable Museum of African American history and how we collaborated with museum staff to develop the digital marketing campaign, “this is What We Du.”

The program will feature three education tracks, designed for current and future UX professionals. Come check us out. Tickets are only $10.


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