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About 10 years ago, I started the Professor Ad Man blog to help students and grads get jobs and grow in advertising.

Over the years, the industry's changed. I've changed. For years, I worked as an agency copywriter and I transitioned to a UX writer for a major corporation. As a result, I have even more to teach and share.


Whether as an ad man or an app man, it's all about creative problem solving. That's what I do and enjoy each day. The goal here is to show you some problem-solving tools to help you grow in your careers in marketing, advertising and now UX design, too.

These are my personal opinions, of course, and I welcome all discussions.


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You Don’t Belong Here: My First Day as an African American Copywriter.

I knew I wanted to be in advertising since the sixth grade. On TV’s Bewitched, it wasn’t Samantha’s nose twitch that cast a spell on me. It was her husband’s cool job writing commercials. Back in the late 80's, I landed my first summer internship at an ad agency. It was the summer I also started drinking — Pepto Bismol straight from the bottle. I was sure this job was going to give me an ulcer by summer’s end. It felt like I could never do anything right and that was on purpose. I’ll get to that later. My MLK-Meets-Ogilvy Moment On my first day, the creative director (we’ll call him “Ron”) introduced me around the office. It was a whirlwind of handshakes and hearing too many names to remembe


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