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About 10 years ago, I started the Professor Ad Man blog to help students and grads get jobs and grow in advertising.

Over the years, the industry's changed. I've changed. For years, I worked as an agency copywriter and I transitioned to a UX writer for a major corporation. As a result, I have even more to teach and share.


Whether as an ad man or an app man, it's all about creative problem solving. That's what I do and enjoy each day. The goal here is to show you some problem-solving tools to help you grow in your careers in marketing, advertising and now UX design, too.

These are my personal opinions, of course, and I welcome all discussions.


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"Uncorporate" Content Connects

Brand storytellers walk a tricky tightrope. How do you sell without overselling? Can you build the brand without beating people over the head? Day One, The Amazon Blog curates content where you may come across gems like this. Michael Forzano is an Amazon software engineer who codes and is also blind. This "work at Amazon" story connects, regardless of any interest in working for Jeff Bezos. It personalizes the brand – something every storyteller should strive for by: Creating stories that distinguishes you from competitors Knowing what your audience wants to read Giving people an "uncorporate," inside look at your company Showing what motivates people to come to work every day So is this an

Interns: How to be the smartest in the room Pt. 1

Starting an internship? Besides making a good impression with your skills, earn some bonus points by showing off some intellect, too. Here's some recommended summer reading that may help you impress the boss and ultimately decide if you want a career in this business. Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy was required reading during my first internship. It should be for every future marketing professional. It's a fast read. It's a classic. And it stands the test of time. Learn the basics of building an ad business: Choose your clients carefully; build long-term relationships Relationships are built by being an asset clients can't do without Inspire loyalty and excellence in your


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