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About 10 years ago, I started the Professor Ad Man blog to help students and grads get jobs and grow in advertising.

Over the years, the industry's changed. I've changed. For years, I worked as an agency copywriter and I transitioned to a UX writer for a major corporation. As a result, I have even more to teach and share.


Whether as an ad man or an app man, it's all about creative problem solving. That's what I do and enjoy each day. The goal here is to show you some problem-solving tools to help you grow in your careers in marketing, advertising and now UX design, too.

These are my personal opinions, of course, and I welcome all discussions.


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Get smarter about your screens

The Smarter Screen: Surprising Ways to Influence and Improve Online Behavior is worth the read because: Although the book was published in 2015, authors Shlomo Benartzi and Jonah Lehrer prove that we can get fancy with design, but users still respond to info in predictable ways. Ex: Everyone tends to move their eyes the same way over layouts, regardless of design. People prefer curated selections over unlimited options. Disfluency (making content challenging to read) helps users slow down and carefully read content (and hopefully absorb it). The Smarter Screen still features live links of exercises and case studies to prove their points and challenge your thinking about content and design.

Take a byte of this Apple book

I give author Brian Merchant credit for objectivity. One chapter of The One Device will draw you into the history of the iPhone. The next chapter will make you want to protest Apple, reading about hazardous conditions miners face obtaining tin, aluminum, and other elements to build the most influential tech of the the 21 century. Worth reading because: You see more layers of a company that's the inspiration of innovation. The iPhone is not just the end-product of a demanding Steve Jobs. The One Device is also about successes from trial and error and happy accidents (like getting a camera that wasn't planned for). It history worth knowing for anyone working in tech – from designers to develop

Deciding what to read? Get Decisive

I recently joined a book club at work. Decisive: How To Make Better Choices In Life And Work was the first title we read and discussed. Admittedly, I almost put it off, because it sounded like a self-help book by another life guru rattling of acronyms to get me to live my best life. Authors Chip and Dan Heath aren't life gurus, but they offer useful work/life tips – complete with acronyms, like decision-making with WRAP: Widen your options Reality test assumptions Attain distance before deciding Prepare to be wrong Honestly, the Heaths have ways of making common sense exercises feel like "ah-ha" moments. So if you "decide" to turn these exercises into work habits, then the Heaths have done t


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