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Marketers that pay your tuition

My undergraduate degree was paid by my multiple advertising scholarships. $500 here... $1,000 there... Sometimes I landed a big fish – $10,000. I've even won money, because no one else applied.

So I'm helping to get the word out – a $10K scholarship for future female copywriters. (Sorry boys, I'll get you next time.)

J. Walter Thompson Worldwide is accepting applications for the Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship. The funding also includes:

  • A Wunderman Thompson internship

  • One-on-one mentoring

  • First look after graduation

So who was Helen Lansdowne Resor? According to the site, "Helen Lansdowne was hired by J. Walter Thompson Cincinnati as the industry's first female copywriter" in 1908.

Apply by June 3. Then hopefully look forward to next semester with a little less debt and the glass ceiling a little more broken.

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