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"Uncorporate" Content Connects

Brand storytellers walk a tricky tightrope. How do you sell without overselling? Can you build the brand without beating people over the head? Day One, The Amazon Blog curates content where you may come across gems like this. Michael Forzano is an Amazon software engineer who codes and is also blind.

This "work at Amazon" story connects, regardless of any interest in working for Jeff Bezos. It personalizes the brand – something every storyteller should strive for by:

  • Creating stories that distinguishes you from competitors

  • Knowing what your audience wants to read

  • Giving people an "uncorporate," inside look at your company

  • Showing what motivates people to come to work every day

So is this an interesting coder story? And inspirational Amazon piece? It's all that and more. It's a good story – one people tend to remember. And that connects better than just promoting specials of the week.

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